Vichem’s Pulvaporizator®

Vichem’s Pulvaporizator®

Vichem’s thermal oxidation system is based on its patented burner called Pulvaporizator®. It offers a high-level hazardous waste destruction, while maintaining an extremely low level of dioxins and nitrogen oxides. The Pulvaporizator®'s concept is designed as one of the most advanced low-NOx burners and low dioxin burners.

This advanced technology has brought VICHEM the highest number of references for industrial waste incinerators, whether solid, liquid or gaseous : Atofina, BASF, Solvay, Rhodia, Sanofi, etc.

The Pulvaporizator®, the revolutionary design of the oxidizer, atomizes and vaporizes the waste in one single step. Independent tests, performed on site, have proven that this unique thermal oxidation system enables a DRE (Destruction and Removal Efficiency) of more than 99.9999%, with stack emissions well within environmental norms.

This system has an unequalled reliability and can operate up to 8500 hours per year.

The Pulvaporizator® was originally used for the destruction of halogenated waste (chlorinated, fluorinated, brominated and iodized) in which the halogenated content can vary from very low to very high concentration, while recovering energy through steam production and recycling valuable compounds as mineral acids (HCl, HF, HBr).

The Pulvaporizator® also allows treating waste with a high content of salts.