Rotary Kiln

Rotary Kiln

A rotary kiln is a cylindrical envelope rotating on its own axis with a slight inclination. It is designed to gasify solids, sludges or viscous liquids. It has a flame at its upper end and is lined with refractory.  

The waste is introduced at the upper end of the kiln and undergoes thermal oxidation in rotation inside the furnace. The performing isolations and mechanical system allow operating temperatures comparable to a static furnace, so operating temperatures of more than 1000 ºC are accepted for design. 

The residence time can be adjusted according to the application, by modifying the rotation speed. 

When the gases came out of the kiln, they are destroyed in a post-combustion chamber which is fitted with our Pulvaporizator®

The ashes are collected in the lower part of the post combustion chamber. They are then removed with a wet ash extraction system.

Solid Feeding System 

The device for feeding the waste into the Rotary kiln depends on the properties of the waste, whether it is sludge, hospital waste, domestic waste, etc. Vichem will choose and combine these devices in order to offer the most appropriate feeding system.