Vichem, Waste treatment expertise for the benefit of the environment.

Over 60 years' expertise in Waste Treatment Technology.

Many industrial branches such as refineries, petrochemicals, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals and other processes unavoidably produce hazardous waste or non-hazardous waste in solid, liquid and/or gas form. Whereas all strive to minimize the quantity of this waste, there are often waste emissions and effluents that international or local authorities require to dispose of in compliance with environmental norms.

Doing business for Over 60 years', Vichem has become a leading supplier of advanced oxidation systems to destroy gas, liquid and solid waste.

Vichem offers a vast number of pollution control systems including: thermal oxidation systems, gas filtration,thermal energy recovery, gas washing, absorption and adsorption systems, stripping, quench systems and pure acid productionDe-NOx systems, just to name a few.

Vichem has the engineering expertise to provide customers with a turnkey system.

In addition, Vichem also offers a full range of services including consulting, expertise, inspection, maintenance, training, retrofitting and debottlenecking. Vichem custom designs, manufactures and services systems for new installations and upgrades. Vichem's customers range from manufacturers that use chemicals in their production processes to small companies that are required to meet the new European and American environmental standards, or who wish to implement a project within one of the Kyoto Protocol’s mechanisms.